Northside Linemarking

Specialists in the Line Marking Industry
Established in 1970

Line Marking

Northside Linemarking only uses paints and coatings accredited by the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) to ensure that our customers get the best possible product and value for money. Regardless of whether your linemarking requires solvent paints, waterborne paints, thermoplastics, cold applied plastics or unique designs that require stencils or preformed thermoplastics, our team has over fifty-years experience in getting the job done right.

Floor Sealing

Choosing and applying the right concrete sealer can be critical to longevity of your project. At Northside Linemarking we can work with you to ensuring you get the right product for the job, regardless of whether your sealer needs to be waterborne, solvent or epoxy based.

Car Park Fixtures

Regardless of the size of your car park, Northside Linemarking can offer a range of car park fixtures to ensure that your facility is safe, protected and looks highly professional. We can supply and install wheel stops, mirrors, bollards, pipe guards, corner guards, speed humps, and boom gates. We can also work with you to ensure that your car park is fully compliant with the recent changes in accessible parking and of course, help you choose the right colour and product to suit your exact needs.

Klemmfix Installation

Klemmfix is the world’s best temporary guide kerb system and is used extensively by VIC Roads and Transport for NSW. It is the only system in Australia that carries the European BASt certification and can be found on landmarks like the Harbour Bridge approach and Sydney’s Eatsern Distributor. Its also an ideal product for separating traffic in car parks. At Northside Linemarking we can offer a full supply and install service regardless of the size of your project.

Tennant M20 Car Park Sweeper/Scrubber

Car Park Cleaning

Northside Linemarking has a range of industrial cleaning and scrubbing equipment to meet your initial and ongoing car park cleaning needs. Our Tennant M20 sweeper/scrubber can deep clean and scrub car parks, drive ways, pedestrian areas, pathways and ensure that your assets are constantly maintained. Scheduled cleaning is available as well as initial cleans or deep cleans prior to linemarking. Please contact us for more details.

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